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1.Go to
2.see above their is 2 option REGISTER N on register and register ur account. click on login...type ur account{username} n password.. u can see above that their is 2 option APPLY CERT and UPLOAD CERT... click on apply cert u can see 4 boxes.. in the 1st box type ur moblie name { 5800}.... in the 2nd box type ur imei no.{just dial *#06# in ur mobile and u can see 15 digit serial no.}.... in the 3rd box again type ur imei no. .... and in the forth box type ur name and ur mobile name...{eg. neeraj's 5800}...and click on submit application
6. now wait for 5-6 hour and then go to this -> download the cert and key{in the right side} for ur mobile...

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