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Female, India.

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You told me you loved me but then you left!
I am trying not to cry but cry is all I have done.
You said you would never break my heart
but its so shattered,
I'll never find all the pieces!
You left me in the cold shadowed with grief!
You left me with the pain of a million cuts..
I have cried so much my tears have made a pool full,
The bed we once slept in is now cold and empty!!!!
My eyes are so full of grief,
I cant stand to look at myself in the mirror
I will always love you ,maybe that's why I cant get over you,
I feel like I dont have a heart any more

YOU took it!!!
But the real truth is I MISS YOU..
I miss your smell,your voice,your soft caring touch that used to make me feel safe,
BUT I was Tired!!!!!
Tired of the lies you told me, tired of your broken promises, The pain is so great I wonder will I ever get the image of you walking out the door out of my head?

Which is why I say this in mourning for you

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