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Male, Malaysia.

60.4M Downloads . 260 Favourites . 197 Followers . 18 Following

Me is Otaku~ Like anime and chibi a lot~!!! 100% Otaku~

You can find me on facebook by typing Mimi孙汶骏~
Easy to find~ Add me in here now~! Me want become a Japanese communicator~!!!

Also me have two group in facebook~
Anime Research Project 动漫研究计划
Shugo Chara Community

Call me Little Desu~
Like Alec Little Desu~
Same like Suiseiseki because we two are best friends~ XD

In GTA San Andreas topic, me like visiting Four Dragon Casino, just in The Strip *No that strip club...* Me always drift in there, most in the village just near the pyramid fun park~

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