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How to apply for certificate n how to hack ur phone tutorials
1. (For newbies!!! If you already got your certificate and know how to sign applications, leave the steps 1-3) Make sure you have your own certificate which you can't perform hack without. For obtaining your.cer and .key files, do this:
This is the fastest taking this
cert and keys that are not to wait 5 days)
here we go ^^,
1.Go to
Code: and register for an account.
2.Then Log in,.
Click certificate>my certificate>apply certificate>
then submit and upload y0ur request.
3.Below normal (see screenshot below)
Click cert wait for loading press (for OM) # 1
Edit the url ,change to check and down then ok, (see screenshot below)
This will auto download the key, same process also in cert.
Hit thanks !
N0te: You all can make requests hereand will be provided when im online. Thank y0u!
2. You need an application called FreeSigner which is self-signed and used for signing applications with the help of your own certificate files.
3. Install FreeSigner and in its settings apply your .cer and .key files to 'Sign Cert' and 'Sign Key' sections.
a) Install and start FreeSigner.
b) Go To Settings.
c) Find "Sign Cert + Sign Key" (NOT selfsign cert and key)
find your cert and key and place them in the correct list.
d) Now go back and click Add Task.
e) Find the location of your UNSIGNED app, highlight it and click Options > Add> SignSis
f) Click Options > Go!
g) In Your file explorer, go to where the UNSIGNED file was located, and you will notice a new SIGNED copy. Use that and it will install.
4. Install certUpdater.sisx (as on the left)
5. Sign certhack_installer.sis with FreeSigner and install it on your phone.(as on the right)
6. Click on HackIT! icon from your menu and wait untill it performs hack. It asks you to install installserver , just press ok and go on.If you're getting errors just reboot your phone and repeat this step again.

7. After installation delete hackit! directly from menu
8. Open RomPatcher and apply all patches.
Note: It installs FileBrowser on Symbian^3 devices, for full access check its settings and apply 'yes' to the second tab.
Note 2: On some mobiles hack may not be performed completely, if so just copy the OS fitting installserver.exe (in the archive) to:
and you're done.

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