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Do not waste your life on those who do not appreciate you,
For those who does not love you and will not wait,
For those without a doubt to you will change,
Who suddenly goes on a "new turn".
Do not waste your tears on those who can not see them,
For those who simply do not need you,
For those who apologized again offend,
Who sees life from the reverse side.
Do not waste your strength on those you do not need,
On the dust in the eyes and noble bluff,
Do not waste your words on those who can not hear,
For those who are close to you exactly breathing,
Whose heart does not hurt your pain.
Do not waste your life, it is not infinite,
Appreciate each breath, the moment and the hour
After all, in this world, even if not perfect,
There is one who prays to the sky just for you!

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