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Mir darya hai sunay shair zbani uski,
------ ------ re tbyat ki rawani uski.

Mee to bochar ka dekha hai barastay tmne,
Issi andaz se thi ashk fishani uski.

Baat ki tarz ko dekho to koi jadu tha,
Par mili khak mein kya sehar biyani uski.

Sarguzasht apni kis anduw se shab kehta tha,
So gaye tm na suni aah! Kahani uski.

Ab gaye is ki juz afsos nahi kuch hasil,
Hayf sd hayf! K kuch qadar na jani uski.


Meer (legendry Urdu Poet) is a river, listen Distich (verse) from him
Oh God! See fluxion of his nature (of saying verse)

As U have seen Aspersion of rain
In this way tears flow from his eyes

His style of talking is like magic
But all His Glamorous talk coincide to dust (has no effect on Audience)

To whom he says his Chronicle(biography) to whole night
Everyone sleep Aah! no one listen him

Now nothing gain on Alack (afflict) after his past(gone)
Thousands grief! No one know his value (no one give him his due respect)


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