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Male, Pakistan.

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(Sindh, Pak) Tharparkar is one of the five major deserts of the country and is the only fertile desert in the world.

(Sindh, Pak), Mohenjo-Daro is an archeological site. The Indus River Valley civilization, built the city of Mohenjo-Daro in what is now Pakistan about 4,500 years ago. Built around 2500 BCE, it was one of the largest settlements of the ancient Indus Valley Civilization, and one of the world’s earliest major urban settlements.

(Punjab, Pak), Taxila is another important archaeological site. Some of the earliest ruins in this area date back to 6th century BC.

Khewra Salt Mines
(Punjab, Pak) World’s second largest.

Ranikot Fort
(Sindh, Pak) World's Largest Fort, Circumference: 26 Km.

Astola Island
(Balochistan, Pak)

.: Just Glimpse of Beautiful Pakistan :.

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